Local Knowledge S02 E09 – Skip Skip Boom Full Episode

Capt. Rush Maltz joins Ali Hussainy in San Diego, Ali’s home town, to cash in on the recent, unprecedented wave of big bluefin tuna that have invaded SoCal’s offshore waters for the last two seasons.  Ali has been making the most of this run in his home waters, but Rush is back to check off his first bluefin tuna in this episode of Local Knowledge.

Using new techniques, like flying the kite to dangle and skip the tantalizing rubber flying fish, the crew endures the long wait, but is rewarded with epic bites and sweet success.

local knowledgeSkip, Skip, Boom goes the flying fish as tuna air out to try and catch it.

Ali said,”It is hard to believe we are chasing these bucket list fish in my home waters.  This is a first even for me as bluefin of this size have never been a viable option without getting on a plane.  To catch them on my own boat and gear and to share it with Rush has been a true highlight of my fishing experience.  We are living the “Good Old Days” right now!”


The the full episode of Local Knowledge aired on July 22 and will replay on July 29th on the Destination America Channel or find it on your favorite streaming source like the LK Youtube channel.

Local Knowledge