Local Knowledge Season 2 Kicks Off April 1, 2017

Local Knowledge TV enjoyed a great reception upon the introduction of the show to fishing fans during Season 1 and the excitement is growing as the kick off of Season 2 starts Saturday, April 1, 2017 at 7 AM EST on Destination America and on popular on-demand venues.

Ali Hussainy and Captain Rush Maltz are back in action as they chase a wide variety of fish with new or localized techniques.  “Exploring the “culture of fishing” is still our focus and the new season is taking us to some amazing places”, said Ali.  “Rush and I are excited to try new things and meet new people in our expanding quest for more local knowledge.

The first episode to kick off Season 2 is called Sword Wishing and it follows the boys to Ali’s home town of San Diego, California in search of “Elvis”, the nickname for Pacific broadbill swordfish.

The swordfish has proven elusive for Pacific rod and reel anglers, especially in the daytime.

Ali and Rush gear up to be the first to catch a daytime deep-drop sword in SoCal waters.  Tapping the vast knowledge of swordfishermen in Florida and Texas, Ali and Rush begin the tedious process of working out the techniques for a fishery in a new area.  “This is the often painful and time consuming process by which local knowledge is created.  Time spent trying to figure it out takes focus and determination to endure the learning curve” said, Capt. Rush.  “The sword fishery is like a demon, it keeps calling to you and dragging you back out there.”

The crew also climbed aboard a local-legend swordfish harpoon boat called the Pilikia and spent some time searching the horizon for two-finners and soaking up the extensive local knowledge of the crew.

Local Knowledge is also proud to be sponsored by many pillars of the fishing industry.  Their products make your fishing trips more fun, safe and successful and they take pride in being the best in their markets.

You can catch up on Season 1 episodes on the Local Knowledge TV website or any of their on demand sources like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Smart TV, YouTube and Vimeo.

Season 2 of Local Knowledge starts Saturday, April 1, 2017 at 7 AM EST on Destination American Channel.  The show will also be available from the on-line and on-demand sources as well.

Welcome back to the “Culture of Fishing” with Local Knowledge TV!

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