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Since the beginning of time, man has gathered in places with access to the water. And in each of these locations, a local style has evolved that works in sync with the present conditions and types of fish that inhabit that water. This is the purest definition of “local knowledge” and is treasured by all who have worked hard to possess it.

Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge Show

In the world of fishing, the key ingredient for success is local knowledge. The show Local Knowledge explores the culture of fishing itself and follows real life characters that spend their lives dedicated to fishing and the outdoors.

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Ali Hussainy

Local Knowledge focuses on the differing and often humorous viewpoints of two drastically different fishermen from opposite sides of the country.

Ali Hussainy of San Diego, California is the President of BD Outdoors, the largest fishing site on the web.

rush maltz
Capt. Rush Maltz

Capt. Rush Maltz is a born and raised Florida Keys fishing guide and runs Odyssea Key West Sportfishing.

Each is a master on their home turf, but the playing fields are leveled as they travel to strange waters to explore and learn new “local knowledge”.

Local knowledge

Follow two friends as they explore both local and exotic fishing destinations in search of a new flavor of local knowledge. They not only dig deep into the fishing aspect, but the food, people and culture that permeate a local and make it unique and special. They seek out a new kind of adventure on and off the beaten path. Local Knowledge offers a fresh new take on fishing shows and will leave you wanting more.

Find your Cable Channel on Destination America Here or download from a variety of sources to view on your chosen device whenever it is convenient for you.  Local Knowledge airs Sundays, at 7 AM EST.

Local Knowledge